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My New Favorite Snack, the Toothfairy and These Small Hours

My New Favorite Snack – Helping meet my 3 dairy a day goal!

About a month or so ago my mom introduced me to The Laughing Cow Swiss

L-O-V-E I-T-!!!!! Be sure to eat your 3 servings of dairy a day! Please excuse the quality of this picture..I used my phone.

Cheese wedges.  Being the Swiss Cheese lover that I am, I had to give it a try.  I’ve been on a bit of a “Made In the USA,” kick which means looking at every label…well, due to Willis’ nut allergies I do that anyway but I’m now also checking for where the product was made.  So as I read the label I noticed that the cheese is imported.  It didn’t come as much of a surprise considering the true, original Swiss Cheese is only produced in Switzerland and actually is not called Swiss Cheese but Emmental.  (from reading The Laughing Cow’s website I believe this particular cheese comes from France)  Imported or not, I was in LOVE!


Your tidbit for the day: In modern-day, the words ‘Swiss Cheese’ describe cheeses with have holes.  There are various types.  The holes are caused by carbon dioxide which is trapped during the fermentation process. One of which is Lorraine cheese, a household favorite around the farm.

Back to my wedges…so I have gotten hooked on these wedges.  Yesterday we made a trip to town for groceries and I spent more time looking into the wedges.  I left the store with the plain Swiss Cheese wedges and their close cousin, The Laughing Cow swiss cheese wedges in French Onion flavor.  Yummo!  I actually had a wedge with a serving of Wheat Thins for breakfast.  And, for my morning snack.  And, probably for my afternoon snack.  Oh, who am I kidding?  I’ll have to make another run for town for more.  Side note: The French Onion flavor is not imported.  :o)  So I’ve had one of my 3 -a day! Have you had your 3 dairy a day?

In other news….

The ToothFairy

The tooth fairy is going to go broke around here.  Pickle lost another tooth; number eight if you’re wondering.  His left eye tooth.  Willis is close to losing another…I know, at his age most kids haven’t even lost one.  He’s lost three.  The each receive a $2 dollar bill for their teeth.  So that’s, uh, 1+5, minus 2, plus 5, add another then times 2…that’s $16 bucks.  Yes, you are correct I missed two.  That is because the first tooth is a doozy.  We were conned on Pickle’s first tooth.  He told us his best friend got $5 for his first tooth.  After the fact, I learned his best friend hadn’t even lost his first tooth yet.  Suckers!  So that would be a total of $26 so far.

Anyway, the $2 are special and its money they will save because of the uniqueness as well as potential for being worth much more in the future.  Most importantly, no worries about adding extra sweets to their diet.  I can be so smart sometimes! The only hiccup is that I’m running out of $2 bills.  Better add that to my ‘to-do’ list….which is a great way to transition to These Small Hours….

These Small Hours

Speaking of to-do lists…go check out Laci Tatum at Tatum Tales.  She has been making some awesome mini-scrapbooks for a long time and I’ve admired her work since the beginning.  Overall, she’s an inspiring mom making small moments with her girls a high priority.  She is one of those bloggers who I wait (not-so-patiently) to see her name in my email box.  So, I about fell off my seat when I read she was making her mini-books and more for US! She has now decided to open her own store on!!  So exciting!

Her latest item is a home-made clipboard covered in black chalkboard to be used as a To-Do list.  On the clip board she has listed the numbers 1-4 to help you keep the day’s goals in sight.  It’s a great idea for those like me, who need to be kept in check…I never feel like I accomplish much in a day.  I overwhelm myself with 20 million to-do’s.  Anyway, go check out her new store….These Small Hours on Etsy. I just ordered two of her mini-books and can not wait for them to arrive!

Don’t forget (because I will! Ha!) to spring ahead an hour!!!  Or, you might just miss church tomorrow morning…it’s never happened to me.  REALLY!  Ok, maybe once.  Ssshhh!

Have a fantastic weekend!!

***I have not been paid by The Laughing Cow, Wheat Thins (I’m sure these companies have NEVER heard of me) or These Small Hours.  These are my own opinions about items I wanted to share with you, my readership.***

Flying in Seat 9C

A Pioneer Woman inspired peaceful.

During the last leg of my most recent trip I experienced something new.  It may have been the egg roll which was devoured as my plane flew down the runway prior to take off.  Perhaps it was the terrified gentleman who sat to my right – who later told me it was the lack of control of his destiny that triggered his fear.  Or, was it his buddy who sat to my left and stabbed at the poor man’s dignity until we were 15 min. into the air? Maybe the reason stemmed from the fact there were only 12 rows of seats and at 5 ft. 2 1/4 inches tall, I could touch both hands to the ceiling of the plane.


What ever the reason, I was sick.  At first I thought, “Really? This is how my wonderful, rejuvenating and inspirational trip is going to end.”  Then I began analyzing.  What in the world would make me feel so dizzy and nauseated? Keep in mind that this was my fourth flight in less than 36 hours.  Until this point I might have been a little nervous during the landings but I certainly was not physically ill.  The plane was spinning and my stomach was churning.  The oder of a nearby passenger made me want to let the cookies fly right there and then.  Another scent flowed into my nostrils as the stewardess floated by…vanilla perfume or lotion or something, yuck!  Get me a bag woman!

Then we began to approach my destination.  We were ordered (seriously) to stow all belongings which left me with nothing to do the last 25 min.  As the aircraft tipped forward my nerves were very much on edge.  Then the woman walked by and demanded, “turn that thing off!!”  She didn’t catch on to the fact that I had nervously been flinging the end of my ear buds in the air…they weren’t attached to anything.  When the landing gear, located directly beneath me, came out I nearly jumped out of my seat. That put the icing on the cake…I really wanted off  that plane and PRONTO!

I was then questioning the angle at which the DC 9 was sitting.  Desperately, I looked back and forth between the windows trying to see lights on the ground.  I’m not sure what the poor guy next to me was thinking but I was trying my best to disguise my concern.  All I could see was clouds, or was it fog? Were we about to dive right into earth?  Where were we?  Someone please come over the intercom and say it’s all ok.  I don’t dare get up and head towards the bathroom.  The airplane nazi would surely get me! LOL!

Finally, I saw lights on the ground.  The more we left the clouds, the better I felt.  I’ll grant an egg roll just before flight probably wasn’t the smartest move.  However, I’ve eaten on flights prior to this occurrence without problem.  The second flight we were told the landing approach would be a bit bumpy as visibility was very low and there was rain.  I’ll admit I was nervous…is it ever a good thing for the pilot to warn you of possible problems and doing so while stuttering?  But I remained calm the whole time.

Egg roll aside, the only common thread is the darkness and inability to see the ground.  Is there a word for being scared of night flying?  Well, if there isn’t we need to come up with one to help described my experience while in seat 9C!

Happy Thursday! Oh, and watch out for seat 9C.