Winter To-Do List

Inspired by Becca over at The Beginning Farmer’s Wife, I have finally started a page for our Honey-Do’s.  The fall has flown by and we have so much to do before the freezing weather hits.  We’ve made quite a bit of progress in the last week but there’s much more to do.

  • Run water lines to sheds and install automatic Waterer with heating element – in progress see pics below It’s officially done!! Yay!

It took two days to trench the caverns which have been filled with water and electrical lines. Along the way, we found several buried items...another neat perk of The Magic FarmHouse!

The kids, dogs and chickens were tolerable if not amused by the trench. The ducks, not so much. It was funny to watch them talk back and forth, walk back and forth, talk some more, sit down, walk in circles, etc, etc...

  • Run electricity to sheds for lights and heating lamps
  • Organize storage shed
  • Add new bedding into hen boxes
  • Make curtains for new bedroom – I bought very nice textured shower curtains at Wally World for $6.50 a piece.  Now I need to get them hung.
  • Make quilts for boys – purchased part of the fabric
  • Make fleece blanket for Pudder
  • Finish window treatments for kitchen – in progress
  • Hang plastic on windows
  • Purchase a new boot rack for inside mud room
  • Put away remaining outside decorations
  • Make room for outside decorations in garage before spring (due to adding our new/used BobCat in MY parking place.) Not bitter at all.
  • Clean out garage allowing room for both vehicles PLUS BobCat (not gonna happen but I can dream)
  • Go through outgrown clothes and prepare for Goodwill or garage sale
  • Take a load to Goodwill or the Salvation Army

Whew! I’m exhausted just looking at the list.  I’ll do my best to keep it updated.

Spring 2011 Projects

  • Paint sheds – I’m a little concerned about getting this done – still needs to be done
  • Paint roof of newest shed – Also, concerned.
  • Sand and then paint fence – These could wait until spring

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