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A Day In the Life – Realizing Self-Worth

****I did it!! My DITL is finished…finally!! Yay!  I’ve even had time to proof and make corrections. :0) ****

When I saw the DITL exercise Lacy at Tatum Tales proposed, I was a bit hesitant.  Is my life really busy or exciting enough to journal and capture on film from minute to minute?  Will anyone really read it?  Forcing past my skepticism I decided to go for it…what did I have to lose?  So here it goes…

Tuesday, November 16th

6:15am:  I look at my alarm clock and realize Pickle is standing at the bed.  I jump up “Wake-up! We’re late!”.  In general, it’s unusual for the boys to ride the bus everyday at 6:50am.  As hard as we try it’s almost impossible to get to bed on time at 7:30 pm.  So I give in and allow them to sleep for as long as possible.  In the long run it saves me grief.  Unfortunately, on this morning, driving to school isn’t an option.  Our crew cab truck broke down yesterday while my hubby was returning from a trip to Iowa.  My brother is unable to look at it until later this week.  So my only mode of transportation is our bench seat 1994 Ford which will only seat Pudder and one of the older boys.

6:25am: Willis FINALLY gets up and out of bed.  Pickle has eaten, brushed his teeth and is working on feeding the dogs.

6:40am: Willis FINALLY (are you seeing a trend?) has a portion of his clothes on and brushed his teeth (I think).   Still hasn’t made it down the stairs.  Pudder is awake and adding to the madness.  Pickle has finished feeding the dogs but realizes he is missing part of his homework.

6:45am: Time to go down to the end of our lane and meet the bus.  Willis has yet to eat.  At this point I’m dressing him – something I strongly encourage he takes ownership and do himself.  While I’m helping him get his pants on followed by socks (which he’s not doing willingly) and then his shoes; he’s eating his yogurt. Pickle is helping Pudder get his coat and shoes on.  In the end, the shoes never really make it on his feet.  Oh, well…pick your battles.

6:48am:  We must go down or we will miss the bus because our driver will not see us heading down.

6:50am:  A call to 911 comes in about some crazy woman who’s wearing her house coat and slippers with a scarf wrapped around her waist and neck.  She’s running in circles, yelling and screaming and running around some more, yelling at her oldest son “run down to the bus…no wait jump in the truck…no, stop, go…run boy, run!” (he followed those directions to a T, poor kid).  In the same breath she’s telling her middle son to get in the truck while carrying her toddler by his bibs.  Luckily, the 911 call didn’t really happen but the rest is pretty darn close to being true.

6:51am:  The bus is here.  Pickle is walking across the highway to get on the bus.  Willis and I are turning in circles trying to get his backpack on the right arm while he frantically eats his toast and puts on his gloves.  By now, the bus driver is rolling out of the door she’s laughing so hard.  Ok, so she stayed in her seat but from what I could see,  she was near tears.  I really think we would have had a strong chance at winning America’s Funniest Videos.

6:52am:   There goes the bus…the boys are on their way to school.  And, no I have ZERO pictures from this part of our morning.

6:55am:  I collapse from exhaustion.  Then Pudder asks for milk.  Which reminds me that we’re almost out and it’s grocery day! And, I haven’t finished my list yet.  I check the reusable refrigerator list.

Hmmm, not much on the list...1/2 of the items are things I buy online. Ugh! Shopping is seriously a task I dread!

After the shopping list I bath, put on my face, dress to shoes and make our bed.

Yes, that's a lump in my bed and yes, it's alive. You know it's cold out when the dogs stay under the covers even as the bed is made. It'll be a mess before 8am. BUT, let it be known that I tried!!

In the meantime, Pudder eats his breakfast.  Need, coffee, now!!

Kind of funny that I couldn’t get WordPress to edit this photo and flip it correctly because this is what life looks like until I drink my coffee! LOL!

7:30am:  Reboot laundry and dishwasher.  Pudder decides to start becoming fussy and won’t let go of my leg.

I decide to give him a little pain reliever…he seems to be chewing on a lot of things and still hasn’t had his 2 yr molars peek through.

7:45am:  He’s calmed down a bit so I continue with my planned routine.  Over the weekend, I vacuumed upstairs in preparation for  carpet cleaning today.   Our room isn’t that bad.  The boys ‘ room is BAD.


Pudder dumped a glass of Willis’ Gatorade all over the floor.  He also go a hold of a marker last week and while giving Willis his nighttime allergy medicine we dumped the spoon, leaving a large portion on the floor.  Nice and sticky, just the way I like it!


I forgot to add that during this time I also swished and swiped the upstairs bathroom and played a game of peek-a-boo behind the shower curtain.  See below…


A little swish and swipe. Excuse the painters tape...still renovating!


8:30am:  With the carpet finished, we pack the truck with our re-usable grocery sacks, plastic sacks which need to be taken to recycling and empty water jugs to be filled at my in-laws.

8:45:  We leave and head for the farm to fill up on water.  On our way we see this enormous cloud of black smoke.

9am: We arrive at the farm to fill the water jugs and catch up on what’s been going on…who’s calved, not calved, family Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc… I picked up some nuts that fell off their Walnut tree.  We’ll take them to my grandpa so he can feed his squirrels.

9:30am:  We’ve spent too much time chatting away and there isn’t enough time for shopping and driving back and forth to town.  Curiosity gets the best of me and I decide to locate the fire which continues to bellow black smoke into the eastern sky.  At the same time Pudder takes his morning nap.

10:00am: I finally find the fire.  The source is/was a beautiful horse barn/stables.  I was told all of the horses escaped but that at first the fire was so hot they couldn’t get close to it.   They anticipated a total loss.  I later spoke to my mom and she had been there before.  She said it was a beautiful, one-of-a-kind facility with an air-conditioned and heater arena.  So sad!

Before the fire, the barn had been visible from this viewpoint.

10:20am:  Time to head home and pick up Willis from the bus.

10:35am: Picked-up the mail and unload the Cub Scout popcorn we loaded the day before.  It needs to be sorted and delivered.  Checked on the livestock, let the dogs out, grabbed some snacks, drinks and pottytime.

10:56: The bus arrives and drops Willis off & away we go on our shopping trip.  A mile down the road we see this…

We stayed and watched this doe and buck for a few minutes then moved on…very nice rack.

11:40am:  Arrive at Aldi’s for the first half of our shopping.  I had two fantastic little helpers!

12:05pm:  We drive thru Mickey D’s and grab some lunch.

Willis shows off his new Happy Meal toy!

12:15pm:  Arrive at Wally World for some quick mega-shopping.  I threw the boys into a cart with their food and away we went.

While at Walmart…

I'm going bananas!! My kid is obsessed with them. Even though we had just purchased a bunch at Aldi's he had to have more. They each are given the change to pick one small item. Pudder chose a "banabala."

Look mama! Opples! Can I have one? Oopps, I dropped it!

Your welcome brother! Good thing Willis was there to play 'catcher.' I was beginning to see images of apples everywhere.

They just HAD to have their picture taken in front of the tree.

Willis' item was chap stick...I was glad he made that choice...his lips have been so dry lately.

Tough lesson, not yet learned. We keep telling Willis that these machines are designed to NOT pick up an animal and that it's a scam. He just keeps on trying and trying and trying. At least this machine is only 50 cents and its HIS money.

The boys have three envelopes for their money. Spend, save and give. Willis chose to give to the Salvation Army this week. I'm a proud mama!!

And finally,

See ya next week! Such good helpers!!

1:45pm:  Time to head home…I’m exhausted.  Might have to stop by McD’s again for a hot Mocha coffee.

2: 30pm:  We arrive home, unload the groceries, get ready for snack time and the arrival of Pickle who gets off the bus around 3pm.  We also try on Laci’s new coat.

"Does it make my butt look too big mama?"

3:15pm: Time for Pickle to do homework.

He is working on using more emotion as he tells the story.

With a 50 min. bus ride home he usually is able to complete his math. Then it's my job to check for corrections.

Once his homework was done Pickle turned in 10 buttons to play on the Wii.

Then it was time to sort the Cub Scout popcorn.

Everything is accounted for, now we need to label and organize by town.

Next we did chores. Our female duck laid 15 eggs however, some are turning black and are more than likely are rotten. Since this is our first experience with hatching ducklings, we took one egg out to the middle of the pasture and broke it open. It was the worst thing I've ever smelled. We ended up with 6 eggs left after throwing out the black ones.

Cracking open one of the black/grey eggs...Yuck!! DO NOT do this at home!

Next, we fed the steers, chickens, ducks and goats, then it was time to collect eggs. Only 7 tonight. Then we gave a couple hay cakes to the steers. With the cold weather here they are relying more and more on the hay.

4:40pm:  We had a little downtime.  I did a little work on a website and logo while the boys played and my hubby browsed through his cookbooks.

6pm:   Mama/Son night for Pickle and I!!  We started the evening by attending a fund raiser called Community Claus.  It’s a spaghetti supper held at a local church…homemade spaghetti sauce and garlic bread…yum, yum, yum!!  The monies raised are given to members of our communities, who are in need this holiday season.  Following the supper we went across the street to the grade school for our annual Family Reading Night program.

I forgot to take pics while at the Spaghetti Supper so before we ran to the school I had him “pose” in front of the Christmas tree. He ended up winning one of the door prizes!!

6:45pm:  Family Reading Night begins! It was an interesting an entertaining program which began with a unique Laser Show promoting literacy.  Here are a couple of pictures I was able to snap…

Pickle was picked from the audience to help explain what the word laser means. Who know, LASER is actual an acronym! You learn something new everyday!

Promoting AVID readers through asking questions, visualizing, interpreting and deciding. Throughout the presentation there were laser shows choreographed to popular songs. Our neighbor girl who sat behind us was really rockin' it out...especially to the Taylor Swift song! Too cute! Too bad it was dark and I couldn't get her pic. She was adorable!

This is Sponge Bob!!

7:30pm:  I LOVE our school because all of the teachers and staff are so dedicated.  This year our PTO teamed up with the village library and everyone received a free book and goodie bag as they left.  It was a nice touch to a great evening!

8:10pm:  Arrive home…Can I pretty please change into my jammies and relax??  The other two boys weren’t asleep yet so there was some tucking in that was warranted before I could change.  We did “Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite,” said our ‘love yous’ and to sleep my precious boys went.  Pickle in his new room, Willis back in his old bed which leaves Pudder in….our bed!  Something I swore I’d never let happen again.  Pickle slept with us for his first 3  1/4 years.  It’s so hard to move him back to his own bed…you never want them to grow up, but grow up they do.

9pm:  Time to change and go to sleep…NOT!  Actually 8pm on is usually my work time.  So I’m late for work!  Hope the boss isn’t too hard on me. LOL!  I’m working with two new clients and one of my longtime clients.  She sells retail so this is the busiest time of the year.  There is much preparation to do before Black Friday.  At the same time I try to get a little laundry done so we aren’t running around in our birthday suits tomorrow!  I’m not sure if I have enough energy to climb Mount Washmore but I’ll give it my best!

Midnight:  I’ve had enough and can’t keep my eyes open…off to dreamland!

I LOVED doing this activity!  I only wish I would have had enough time to write all in one sitting, work comes first.  I’m blessed to have work at this time of year, especially when it is slowing down for my hubby.  So I can’t complain, and I appreciate everyone for being patient.  I hope there was something during that famous November day that has helped you or enlightened or made you giggle!

The most important lesson I learned is that I’m important…very, very IMPORTANT.  It cracks me up that I thought I wouldn’t have enough to write about and with the exception of our night out, it was actually a slow day in comparison to most.  I also learned that I’m not doing enough playing with my kids.  I’m thankful for Lacy who forced me upon my will, kicking and screaming (no, not really) to participate.  It truly has forced me to realize my self-worth.  If you didn’t have a chance to participate I encourage you to post your own DITL…oh, and be sure to leave a comment if you do…then I can come take a peak into your world!

Happy Monday!

A Day In the Life

My “A Day In the Life” post is coming tomorrow…I had a sick child over the weekend which has delayed the post.

Stay tuned….

Today is one of the most important days of the year – Open Season!

I’m not talking about the movie either.  In Illinois, we welcome celebrities and hotshot hunters from all over the country, just to hunt in our timbers and fields.  In fact, when we travel to our hunting ground in Adams County you will usually see more out-of-state vehicles than our own.  The cost of guide services is crazy but when you have hunter’s like Michael Waddell and country music stars or major league baseball players, the cost of opportunity jumps higher than a deer. 

I’m can’t verify the country music stars name because it is hear-say however, after rubbing shoulders with Michael Waddell at last year’s NWTF State Banquet, I can confirmed that he has hunted and shot footage nearby.

Ok, so I'm not exactly rubbing shoulders...but hey, I can't help that I'm short!!!



Don't they look like a couple of old buddies catchin' up? As they chatted away a long line was forming for autographs. It looked my hubby was part of Waddell's caravan or something.

A native of Peoria, IL, Jim Thome, a major league baseball player, is rumored to also have hunted in the vicinity.  Other than shopping with him at a fantastic meat market while in Peoria, IL, I again cannot verify.   I was tongue tied and star struck at the time, I couldn’t think of anything to say.   My point being this is a huge area for the hotshots!


For our family it’s an exciting, 3-day vacation where our older two boys hang out in our “cabin in the sky,” while Daddy hunts out the window.  Or, at least that was the plan.  I had hoped to post this a LONG time ago however, my hubby called at a little after 7am, letting me know that shortly after eating a poptart, Willis had vomited twice out that “coveted” cabin window, once on his own pillow and once on daddy’s gun case.  Heehee!  I’m laughing with him, not at him…I promise!  Well, maybe not but don’t tell!

So I gathered myself up, skipping my usually routine of hair and putting on my face.  Pudder was still sleeping so I scooped him up and fastened him into the car seat and away we went.  Just before leaving the lane my hubby called again and said he had started this way.  Willis was having trouble standing, walking and had become somewhat disoriented.  Not good.

We sped towards one another, covering what would normally be at least a two hour drive.  In the meantime, Willis continued vomiting, so I called the doctor’s office looking for some sort of guidance on dehydration.  They advised providing him 2-3 tsp. of water every 5 min.  The nurse assured me that even though he may lose the water, a portion of it will be absorbed into his stomach, avoiding dehydration.  Although I’m sure this helps many patients, it made him vomit twice while at our meeting spot and then two more times after I picked him up.  I decided to stop the water and the vomiting finally stopped.  Once we arrived home he slept for a while, woke up and asked if he could call daddy and go to the cabin.  I took that as a good sign! :0)

If you are a hunter you are probably looking for a tally.  No, not a number of times Willis vomited but the deer hunting results.  As of 2:30pm they had harvested two does.  As my hubby’s phone went dead, I believe he was trying to tell me he harvested another but can’t be sure.  So for now I’ll go with

  • Hubby – 1
  • Brother-in-law (LB) – 1
  • Sister-in-law (I’ll have to think of a nickname for her)  – 0
  • Me – a big FAT zero…you have to be able to go out to get anything.  My tag is for our home county.  If Willis is better by Sunday I might try to get a sitter and go out.
  • My brother – ? I’m guessing zero, b/c he hasn’t called but I’m always the last to know.  I hate it when he does that!
  • Vomiting – 11 (thought I might as well throw it in)

I’ll try to post a final tally on Sunday evening.  Now time to start supper…I’m thinking “panpakes” as Willis’ calls them.  Not just any panpakes, The Pioneer Woman’s panpakes…heavenly!!  Especially with blueberries.

I’ll end by with a short conversation between Willis and daddy, just before they met up with us…

Daddy:   “I bet you’ll never want to go hunting with me again, huh, buddy?”

Willis:   “NO! I will NEVER eat another poptart again!”

Spoken like a true hunter!  I’m a proud mama!

Kids Say the Darndest Things!

This picture has nothing to do with the post but it just shows that boys NEV-ER grow up!!

I have numerous other topics I’d like to write about but this is still making me giggle so I have to share…

I was talking with my MIL about various things and she mentioned Willis was a little upset the last time he was there.  He shared the following with her:

“Granny, they’re [the school] are making us do things that they do in Pickle’s class and he’s in second grade.  You know Granny, I’m only in Pre-K, Pre-K!  I just can’t believe it.  **Huff** **SIGH** ”

He would not elaborate on the “things” which they are apparently were being forced to do.  Otherwise they’d be sure to hang the kids by their toe tails…she said he gave quite a performance.  Yesterday I decided I’d do a little fishin’ to see what these “things” might be.  He was hilarious and said “Yep, they’re making us do all kinds of things that Pickle has too *huff, huff, sigh*.”   So I asked if he could provide some examples.  “Nope, can’t reymemer.”

My MIL also shared this with her cousin who returned with a whopper.  It’s so funny I was crying.  At the beginning of this school year her cousin’s granddaughter entered the first grade.  One the first full-day of school, just before lunch, the little granddaughter got up from her desk, grabbed her backpack and proceeded towards the door.  The teacher asked where she was going and the little girl said “home.”   That had been her normal routine during half-day Kindergarten.  The teacher explained that in first grade you have to stay all day.  The little girl replied…

“What? WHO signed me up for this crap??”

The end.

Coyotes, Boys and Toilets!

What a title, huh?  These are my current pet peeves.  Let me elaborate…

This evening we arrived home from Cub Scouts to find a stray dog running around outside.  It was dark so we couldn’t tell who it might belong to or what it looked like.  My hubby quickly got our three dogs out for a potty break.  Nicki began to bark and the stray responded with its own dog-like bark.  A little later I let Nicki out again and staying in the front yard I felt she did real well.  About an hour later, I leaving to run an errand and she escaped, running right past me, around the house and into one of our fields.  We could hear barking from two dogs and at times could see movement.   Finally, she relented and ran back to the house.  This stray was becoming more and more of a mystery dog.

I made it half way down our lane when I realized I had forgotten my purse.  I went back and tried to exit again.  That was when I heard a coyote…coming from the back of the house.  Near the same area we had just retrieve Nicki.  So my hubby had me shine the truck lights back there but we didn’t see anything.  He thought I was hearing things.

Fast forward an hour or so…I’m returning home from my errand and decide to drive around to the back of the house just for the heck of it.  Then I saw movement.  It was a coyote making a run for it.  Then I realize, he was standing a little too near our pasture fencing.  The race was on.  I chased it into our neighbors soybean field, then we reached a corn field.  I wasn’t able to go quite as fast and he gained some freedom.  Serpentine! Serpentine! (Taken from the Cars movie…And, he really did serpentine!) Then he headed back into the soybean field and then to another corn field which had been chisel plowed.  That’s where I drew the line.  We were almost a mile from our property.  Then it turned and started coming towards me.  It seemed to have some audacity and lack of fear normally seen in coyotes.  We began our second cat and mouse chase.  This time he circled around and headed east away from our ground.  I had enough and turned back home.  The whole thing is so bizarre.  Normally, coyotes run like mad to get away from humans.  This little guy had some balls to stop and challenge me.  It makes me nervous that we had one so close to the pasture fence.  I hope to find some free time tomorrow where I’ll have an opportunity to check the fence for breaches.  I’ll keep you posted on any other coyote activity.  It’s just bizarro!

I mentioned in the title “Boys and Toilets.”  Is there anyone else out there with three boys?? Can I hear an Amen?  No, girl drama!!  At least that’s what parents of girls think.  I’d like to video tape our 5 year old during a tantrum and put it up on  Then you’ll see drama ladies! And, gents!  Back to the toilets.  I’m not sure what’s worse a childhood drama performance or four boys who can’t see to make all of their stream into the bowl.  I mean, come on!  How hard can it be?  I’m sick of sitting in someone else’s pee!  I’m on strike!  Give me a day or two and I’ll figure out a way to get back at them.  Besides the baptism of pee, what is the deal with the smell?!?!  Impossible. Just impossible.

Got any tips for keeping coyotes away or keeping a clean, fresh smelling toilet?  Please share…actually, I require you to share…do it now!

Have a great Friday!! It’s Friday, it’s Friday, it’s Friday!  Yippeee, Yahoooo!

iBlog Conference 2010

This past weekend I had the opportunity to meet some extraoridnary people and inspirational bloggers while attending the 2010 iBlog Conference.

Since this was my first blogging conference, I went in without expectations.  I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with the generosity of each speaker as they share tips and secrets to their success.  It was a wonderfully intimate atmosphere where I was blessed to meet or interact with almost every attendee.

The Hotel Pattee was amazing and a breath of fresh air.  The decor in each room was represented of a different theme.  I roomed with a good friend who is also a dairy mama.  It was as those they knew which room was most appropriate for us.  We stayed in the Quilt Room where quilts were everywhere and there was an emphasis on the dairy industry.   What’s more, the room reminded me of the room my mom and aunt shared as children.  We still stay in it from time to time.  This trip was the first trip in a long time that I did not end up being sick.  I have to credit that wonderful room with keeping my anxiety at bay.

The entire weekend was outstanding.  Most importantly, I’m confident that this experience will assist me in arriving to another “bucket list” goal of becoming a freelance writer.  In an effort to better market myself I will soon be moving to where I will be able to promote myself and services.

I will keep you posted!

Dirt Boy World

You might have read on our  Fall To-do list that one of our projects is running water and electricity down to our sheds.  Although we had hoped to do it two weekends ago the trencher we needed wasn’t available until last weekend.   It was like having a very expensive babysitter.  With the soft dirt and deep trenches, there were some great adventures to be had.  As you can see below, the boys had a blast with the dirt…

My hubby sat there like he was someone important or something...well, I guess he is...I sure as heck couldn't trench and pull the wire. I helped feed the wire but my wimpy little arms aren't strong enough for pulling wire!

Willis made himself a seat on the hill...reminded me of my childhood when my brother & I would try to dig to China.

"We're not eating the dirt mama....really, just the worms!"

Pickle is searching for more "treasures".

Happy Diggin’ Boys!!  And, I’m NOT frying any worms!! LOL!

A Squirrel Gathering Her Pumpkin

Of all the seasons, the only one I can say I’m not too fond of is winter.  I’m invigorated when spring arrives with pre-season baseball, energized when summer goes full swing and we can go see our beloved Cardinals play in St. Louie and I’m absolutely in love with fall – its colors, the cool breezes, the hay rack rides, The Pumpkin Festival, wiener roasts, hot cocoa at football games, Pumpkin Pie Blizzard’s, family at Thanksgiving but pumpkin pie tops the list.  I’ve tried on many accounts to cook and mush fresh pumpkin but it just isn’t the same as Libby’s canned pumpkin.

Around these parts we are known as the “Pumpkin Capital of the World.”  Pumpkin fields are as common as a corn or bean field.  The harvest operation is one of the most interesting.  You can sometimes hear them in the middle of the night…pumpkins thumping as they are scooped up to a conveyor belt into the wagon and then into the semi.  I’m sure that being so close to the plant provided us with an advantage over the rest of the country.  However, last year canned pumpkin was as scarce as Easter candy at Christmas.

It was an unusual year with it being so wet during the spring, most farmers didn’t finish planting until around June 1st vs. the general rule of thumb of April 15th.  That set everyone up for a late harvest.  Then the rain returned making the fields too muddy for the equipment. It was heart breaking to see all of the fields that had to be destroyed last year. There were pumpkin fields that went all the way through the winter.  And, even a cornfield here and there.  This one was just down the road from us.

This was one corn field which had to be left through the winter. The picture was taken on March 2nd. Note the snow in the background.

For many down south it isn’t odd to see an entire field standing through the winter.  Around here it’s one of those things you rarely see.  Unless it’s a farmer who’s left a small patch up for the deer.

This year, when I started to see the pumpkin in stores, I was like a squirrel gathering her nuts.  I have a nice little stockpile in the

All winter I wondered about the moisture count of this field. I never have heard.

storage room.  My hubby’s uncle, a retired math teacher, works at the Libby plant during harvest.  In the beginning, he was seeing low quality and smaller amounts of ‘meat’ per pumpkin.

Even though it was a slow start, the year turned out very well considering.   I’m so thankful that we’ve had a nice pumpkin harvest and there is no longer a shortage!!

Here is one of my favorite pumpkin desserts:

The Magic Farmhouse’s Cold Pumpkin Pie


  • 1 pkg. vanilla pudding
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 cup canned pumpkin


  • 1/2 Graham crackers crushed
  • 1/2 Ritz crackers crushed
  • 1/4 c. butter

    Crush the graham crackers and Ritz crackers crumbs into the pie dish with the melted butter.


  • 1/2 container Cool Whip topping
  • 1 tsp. vanilla

To make pie crust, combine crumbs and melted butter; pat into a 9 in. pie plate.  Bake at 350 for 8-10 min. Let cool. For filling, combine milk & pudding mix in a mixing bowl; beat well.  Add pumpkin, cinnamon; mix well.  Pour into crust.  Chill for at least 2 hrs.  Combine topping ingredients & smooth over pie.  Sprinkle just a bit of cinnamon on topping for presentation.

I wish I could show you a picture of the final deal but someone dove into the pie before I had a chance to snap a shot.

What’s more, did you know pumpkin is one of the most nutritional vegetables around?

In one cup of cooked, boiled and drained, pumpkin your body consumes….

  • Calcium – 37 mg
  • Dietary Fiber – 3 gm
  • Folate – 21 mcg
  • Iron – 1.4 mg
  • Magnesium – 22 mg
  • Niacin – 1 mg
  • Potassium – 564 mg
  • Protein – 2 grams
  • Selenium – 0.50 mg
  • Vitamin A – 2650 IU
  • Vitamin C – 12 mg
  • Vitamin E – 3 mg
  • Zinc – 1 mg
  • And, ONLY 49 Calories!!

Tantilizing Venison Bacon Kaboblets

First, I apologize for the lap in posting.  Our internet data card had a little mishap, I just received the replacement – not related to last week’s storm damage.

If you read my post from last week called Got Meat?, you know that after 25 agonizing days, my hubby finally harvested his first deer of the season.  I was so relieved as we were running low on ground meat and a dry shoulder for him to cry on…LOL!  As a treat to our family (and now that I think about it, maybe an apology for being so grumpy over the course of those 25 long days) he made us a wonderful meal.

A couple of years ago, he began making these little wraps I call Kaboblets.  The first time he made the Kabolets for my mom’s birthday at which time he used duck.  He has since tried deer and beef.  I’m pretty partial to the deer but the duck was fantastic too!

This recipe is great because there really aren’t any rules or measurements…here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 Deer tenderloin (or your choice of meat – I’d like to try a goose breast next)
  • Box of toothpicks
  • Package of bacon, cut each strip into thirds.
  • Brown Sugar
  • A grill
  • Patience
  • An empty stomach…seriously, you won’t be able to stop eating these little treasures!
  • A grill heated to approximately 350 degrees.

Begin by cubing the tenderloin into your desired sizes.  Take each piece and smother in brown sugar.

Once they are wrapped, run to the grill!!

Smother the cubes into brown sugar, covering them generously!

Remember to slice your bacon in thirds, then wrap the cubes.

Then wrap each cube with a strip of bacon, secure with a toothpick.  Once you have finished wrapping and rolling all of your cubes head out to your grill.  If you do not have a grill a broiler works great in the oven.  Place the Kaboblets on the grill and close the top for 2-4 min.  Roll each Kaboblet 1/4 of the way.  Close grill for 2-4 min. and repeat until all sides have been evenly cooked and look similar to the photo below.

These babies are just about ready to come off the grill!!

In the meantime, my hubby started a side dish of potatoes and onions.  I’m not exactly for sure on the recipe but I couldn’t resist sharing this picture of him using his hunting headlight to check on the potatoes.  Silly rabbit!

Goofy boy!! That's why I love him so!

A lovely side dish of carmelized onions and potato slices...yummy!!

Enjoy these wonderful Venison Bacon Kaboblets!!