The Starting Line-up

  • My Babe: My dear, sweet, hard-working hubby!
  • Backwoods Mama: Sometimes I think it should be Backwards


    Mama…for now I’ll stick with Backwoods.  Sadly this is the only recent pic I could find of myself and it’s a year old.  That’s what happens when you are always behind the camera!  In addition to being the author and telling everyone’s story, I’ll also share my struggles with Crohn’s disease/Ulcerative Colitis and anemia.

  • Pickle: Our oldest boy who’s favorite color is camo.


    As a soon to be second graderl, he loves baseball, running and climbing in trees just as much as BenTen, Bakugans.  Now that’s some magic! If we could only wean him of the Wii.

  • Willis:  Our middle and probably craziest boy who suffers from a bad case of ‘middle


    child syndrome.’ (Suggestions welcome) You’ll also hear stories about how he faces the world nose first with various allergies including nuts.  He is always making us laugh as the family live-in comedian.

  • Pudder: The baby of the family…so cute with no fear written all over his face.  They really should have used him


    in Taylor Swift’s ‘Fearless’ video.  Besides being as cute as can be he’s busy keeping up with the boys.

  • Laci:  Yes, she’s our Rat Terrier dog but very much our first child.  She loves to boss other big dogs around and is a ridiculous flirt! She’s been so busy flaunting herself we haven’t had time to schedule a photo shoot.
  • Spark:  This little pup is one of Laci’s pups


    from her second to last litter.  He has a will to live like we’ve never seen.  I’ll have to write an entire post about his journey.

  • Nicki: She is our newly adopted Rat Terrier who just happens to be Laci’s half sister.  My hubby’s grandma was recently moved into an assisted living home and asked if we


    would take care of her.  Everyone has adjusted very well and she’s coming in very handy hunting mice and shrews.

  • Sampson:  King of The Magic Farmhouse pasture and commonly mistaken for a dog.  Not for his appearance, but for his behavior. Extremely loyal and jealous

    Sampson the "fainting" Goat

    if I even dare pet any of the other animals.


  • Dahlila: Our pretty, one year old goat.  She’s always looking for mischief and loves to sit in the lawn mower seat.
  • We now have three steers.  One Jersey and two Jersey/Angus crosses.  As of right now our plan is to butcher one at deer season to mix with the deer meat and then keep the other two through the winter.
  • Chickens and Ducks: The ducks are named Camo, Mack and Black beauty (BB for short).  Very unfriendly.  One of my summer goals is to get them tamed.  The chickens are wonderful and friendly. Update: We’ve recently added 6 more chickens to the herd bringing the total to 17.  The new chickens are laying and we are getting about 3 eggs a day.

And…a partridge in a pear tree! Not really. However, we’ve just added a bull calf and should have pics up soon.  Don’t get attached…as part of our sustainable farming, one day he will be used to nurture our bodies.