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Magical Winter Wonderland

We awoke yesterday to a beautiful sceen. There had been a light fog overnight. With temps below 32, the fog froze and clung to everything! I was granted a break to head outdoors with the camera.  As you can see in the pictures it was a magical winter wonderland.

The Yard Dogs And Cabin Fever

Around here we prefer to follow our own local groundhog, Gertie,  rather than the nation’s icon, Phil.  At 7:07am this morning, when Miss Gertie was released from her home she did not see her shadow. Which means PARTY! Here comes an early spring! Well, we hope! She has an 82% accuracy versus Phil’s 33%, so other than the possible snow storm they are predicting on Friday I’m fairly confident we’ll be seeing more days outside. What do weathermen know anyway?!

Apparently someone gossiped to  Sampson and Dahlia and told them spring will soon be here.  They were held up in the shed, by choice, for almost 3wks during a cold & snowy spell.  After running the kids to school I arrived home to find “Miss D” loose in the yard.  Just checking to see if the grass was greener on the other side of the fence.  The little turkey saw me coming and quickly made a fancy dive under the fence. She then through me a  glance which clearly said “I don’t know what you mean Mama, I’d never sneak out.”

This picture isn’t the best but it does show her creative ways.  Keep your mind out of the gutter! This is a family friendly site! There was a leaf she just had to have.  “Hmmm? How will I, oh, wait, I’ll just stand on Sampson.”  It turns out he wasn’t too receptive. What you don’t see in the next frame is Sampson bucking her with his horns.

Where to start?

Now that I have this little blog dressed up a bit, I’m not sure where to begin. My homework for tomorrow will be checking out other blogs which will help establish some roots.  For now I’ll mention a little bit about our day…

The highlight was celebrating Turkey #2’s invite to his second child birthday party. He attended his first party yesterday where we went bowling.  He was puzzled to learn how different real life bowling is compared to bowling on the Wii.

To many, these birthday parties are probably small feats. To me it’s a light  which will help him become more social. At home he will talk your ears off but at school he’s a completely opposite child.    After 3 months of public Pre-K schooling he is just now beginning to play with the other children.  Socializing outside of school will help even more…even if the parties are for girls! So we are very excited about party #2!