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Where, oh, where have I been??

I’ve been very, very busy laying in bed, visiting the bathroom, taking baths, sitting in front of our toilet, which I’ve decided needs a major overhaul, going back to the bed, looking into a pan, playing with the thermometer and using a heating pad.  Can you guess what I’ve been doing??

Yes, I’ve been living with the horrible stomach bug that’s rapidly flying around these parts.  It was the worst stomach virus I’ve had in a long, long time and I have no plans to repeat.  I only hope no one else in the fam gets it.  It rates right up there with a really bad Crohn’s flare-up.

This will sound a bit like a Jeff Foxworthyism “You might be a redneck if…” BUT…you know I’m sick when I don’t touch my computer for over 24 hours and I was off of it for almost 3 whole days.  I haven’t eaten a meal yet and am still living on crackers, Gatorade and water however, I feel so much better.  Baby steps!

SO, I apologize for not updating sooner and promise an exciting few weeks of posts.  Tomorrow I plan to “release” something new coming to The Magic FarmHouse.  In the days that follow I also hope to share some magical Christmas thoughts and traditions with you all.  I do have some great Christmas ideas floating through my head at this time, but for now go visit Lacy over at Tatum Tales…she has some incredible memory making ideas!!

Stay tuned!!  You should be waiting in anticipation…shaking with excitement just like a child whose to see the Rudolph special on ABC!