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Adventures in our *Magical* Blizzardland 2011: Before and After Pics

The Groundhog Blizzard, as it’s being dubbed, has passed.  The mess is still being cleaned up.   School was still out today, as there are many roads in our rural district which haven’t been cleared.  I’m hoping the kids are able to return tomorrow…although we’ve heard there are people who are still unable to leave.  I’m sure all of the kids are enjoying the snow.  Due to the temperatures I resisted allowing the boys to play outdoors.  I know it’s hard to believe, living in the Midwest and all, but we now have  ‘Mount Snownomore’ in the middle of our circle drive.  Yesterday, as the kids were enjoying the fun and the parents were trying to figure out how to get running water.

If you currently live or have lived in the country, you know that if you lose power, you also lose water.  Oddly enough, we had no water but the lights continued to glow.  I’m not complaining, there are many without power now, two days later.  Instead of losing power completely, we had a few brown outs….which just happened to burn the well pump.  Or, at least that was the theory.  Without pulling the pump up the 140 ft., it was hard to make an accurate decision as to the cause.  In the 10 years we’ve lived here we’ve had to pull it other two times.  On the previous occasions we’ve had 6-7 men pulling the pump up.  Instead there were three men, two kids and myself.

Thankfully, it turned out that part of the wire which runs the pump, had burnt completely through.  In turn, we saved $350! Yay!  And, after two days I was able to take a bath again, the livestock had their heated water restored which was relief since the water we would carry to them was freezing quickly and although egg production was down, today the girls were back to normal.

Here are some photos of our adventures…

Water for the livestock and toilets rapidly became a necessity. I began gathering snow in water jugs (cut open at the top) and then melted it in pots. This process took forEVER!

Once it was melted we would store it in two 5 gallon was used quickly.

Just before the worst hit we decided we may need extra gas on hand to run the BobCat. I needed a break and chocolate so my hubby granted me a run in the snow...I resisted hard, kind of...I actually LOVE to play in the snow with my trusted 4x4. Don't most girls?! Here is a pic from my trip. When I took this picture my skepticism had cracked and I decided that we might just receive the 16-20 inches of snow which was in the forecast.

On my way back I found this poor guy...unfortunately my chains had *magically* disappeared from the truck and I couldn't pull him out. I did offer blankets and he assured me that someone was on their way to get him.

The truck, front yard and drive before the blizzard...

Truck after...

Our porch stairs before The Groundhog Storm...

After...there really are stairs under there!

This how Mt. Snownomore looked on the first evening...long before the worst was to hit.

Mt. Snownomore after an hour of digging to the end of our lane.

Today it is no longer called a mountain but a **MAGICAL** Castle.

Complete with secret tunnels. This is behind the scenes of the *Magical Snow Fort's* secret tunnels...

Finally, a little guy who is ready to drive around the moat in his boat. Hope everyone is safe and sound after this historical storm!