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Jackpot!! The Magic FarmHouse’s Secret Doorway…

Last week I wrote a post involving several subjects.  One of which included the recent demolition of one of the downstairs rooms.  It had previously been used as a storage room & will now serve as Willis & Pickle’s new bedroom.

When I wrote the post we had gutted all of the exterior walls but not the two interior ones.  I had been pretty disappointed because one of my favorite things about opening the walls of the Magic FarmHouse is finding items of interest.  For example, when we gutted the boys’ current room located in the upstairs, we found newspapers from the 1950’s which lined the floor for insulation.  The most remarkable was an article about the first round baler.  At the time, the invention of this new implement was all the rage.  A huge step away from the typical, small family farm.

Another item we found in the wall was a piece of an old plat or description of where the property is located in our county.  Then we also found an original Play-school horse.  My personal favorite are the logs which hold up our kitchen roof, which is what we believe was the original one room cabin.  Someday I plan to do some serious research on ‘This Ol’ Place.”

So after days of disappointment in finding only old gross insulation & open holes from the wall to the outside siding we finally hit the jackpot.  My hubby pulled off the paneling on the main interior wall & there is was… old doorway which used to led into our current family room.  It makes me wonder if that room had at one time been a dining room.  There is a dining room on the back half of the house.  However, it’s my understanding that it was  put on as an addition to the rest of the house.

We considered opening it back up and closing the current door but we really don’t have the time for that additional work so it will be again covered up.  Love, love, love the history in this Magic FarmHouse!!!