Tuesday’s Top Ten: What is Redneckishness?

This past weekend my hubby & I went out to our old hangout, just outside his hometown.  It was a benefit to honor a friend of ours who was killed in a car accident in Dec. ’09.  Naturally, many people attended. We had a blast catching up with old friends…some of whom cracked me up due to their ‘Redneckishness’.  (By the way, that’s my new word of the week.)

So this week’s Top Ten was inspired by all of you rednecks out there.  Here is this week’s Top Ten…What is Redneckishness?, complete with bonus material at the end. :0)

1. Someone says “Give me a Beast (Milwaukee’s Best) immediately, with a capital E!” True story from years ago.  The guy who coined the phrase, was present at the gathering Saturday night. We use the phrase quite often around here.

2.  You hear that some guys are going ‘Bank pullin’ – this means they are taking their jon boat down our river, putting poles into the ground every so often.  The goal is to catch the biggest catfish possible.

3.  If you see a man and three boys competing to see how far they can water the grass while emptying their bladders.  Never seen that around here, honest.

4. If you find your kids duck taping the garden hose to the top of their slide and calling it the world’s best water slide.

5. You notice your neighbor’s security cam is behind his house, pointed towards his deer food plot.

6. The neighbor’s family room has two TV’s…one for the Direct TV and one to watch what’s in the food plot.

7. When the song “Family Tradition” by Hank, is played at the local bar most of the crowd starts singing.  Not just because they love the song but because 1/2 of the bar is truly related.

8. Your wife would rather hunt while you fix supper and take care of the kids.

9. When your son asks to go potty #2, you find him squatting outside in the front yard.

10.  You use mineral spirits to light the charcoal fire.

Bonus #1: The highlight of your summer is floating down the river in inner tubes…complete with a highly sophisticated refrigerator – the cooler tube.

Bonus #2: When you spend more time wiping a cow’s butt than changing your kids’ diapers.

Bonus #3: When you are able to differentiate between the smells of cow poop, horse poop, pig poop, goat poop and of course, chicken poop.

And, finally….you hunt from within your home!

Hope I’ve provided some laughs to brighten your Tuesday!  If you have anymore, by all means share!

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