What you need to know about my teeth…

Something I guess I don’t tell many people is that I’m obsessed with my teeth.  Two other things to note is that I am a terrible teeth grinder during sleep and I have receding gums.  One of my life-time goals was to not have a cavity before I was 30.  I reached that goal then decided I would change it to 35.  Then it happened.  A year and about 9 months ago I chipped a tooth while eating and it had to be fixed.  My dentist, who is well aware of my crazy business, said it would not count as a cavity.  SCORE!  It was broken off after all and I had gotten in there soon enough that a cavity had not started.  Most likely it had originally cracked due to the grinding and then the buffalo meat I was eating was the last straw (another story for another time).  I know this might sound like useless information and it probably is but stick around to the end of my story…that’s where it gets real fun!

A few months following this tragic moment in my life, I happen to notice that #6 (see what I mean) had something on it.  That’s the tooth right behind your eye tooth on the right-hand side.   Right now you are either thinking this chic is wacko or hmmm, interesting information.  Am I right?  Unfortunately, #6 showed his bad side right before fair time and it was about a month before I was able to get into my dentist.  It was a sad, sad day.  My first cavity at age 32.  For days, I agonized over having a needle stuck into my gums.  I asked several people about what to expect.  Not a one told me that they numb your gum with an ointment BEFORE they stick the needle in…joke was on me.  It took me a while to get over the whole situation…I mean come on, I’ve worked very hard to get this far…ask my mom, she knows better than anyone.

Life’s been going along and I had no other complaints.  I have my 6 month routine check-up in about two weeks.  When baaam!  Something was up with #13 or #14.  I couldn’t tell which.  My gums were a little swollen and it was very tender to chew.  My initial thought was there was something stuck in between.  I began flossing when something resembling tooth came flying out.  You might want to stop here if you get grossed out over things like this.  I decided just to be safe I’d check again.  I was amazed at how much was stuck between the two teeth.  I didn’t think too much more of it, except that it was odd.  I didn’t put two and two together…are you saying “duh!”  Although the first piece resembled tooth, I honestly didn’t believe it really could be.  Plus, the pain went away the day after I flossed.  I passed the cold and hot sensitivity test with flying colors and it only hurt when eating.  I thought I was in the clear.

Fast forward a week…pain is back, flossing is causing bleeding, severe pain when chewing and sharp pains shooting up towards my head when not eating.  Not a good signs.  I got right in to the dentist.  The moment I opened my mouth he said, this is bad, something is broken.  I relayed the information above and said when the part which looked like tooth came out I thought “NO WAY!”  My fairly conservative and serious dentist says “WAY!”  I thought I was talking to a surfer.  After that, the news just kept on getting worse.  I was sent away to a specialist.

Yesterday was the day and I can say that I survived my first root canal.  The x-ray showed that 1/2 of the inside part of the tooth was gone.  The “endo whatever his title is” specialist opened it up and said this is an extremely bad cavity.  He couldn’t get over how much stuff was stuck into this open pocket.  What started as a cavity in between the two teeth grew into a hole which was then packed with food, bacteria, etc…GROSS!!!

Today, I have a temporary filling, about 1/4 of my tooth left (on the inside), and can only chew on my right-side for the next 6-9 days.  I’ll need to go back to the dentist have the temp filling removed and a permanent one put in, crowned and then covered with porcelain (is that really safe).

Here is the funny part….So I’m without children and in the big city.  I need to renew my driver’s license.  I pay, they put a sticker on the back of it and I’m out the door.  Why not kill two birds with one stone?  So I went in and passed the vision test, answered the questions about whether I drink and drive, do drugs and drive  (I do not do either, I don’t even drink more than once a year, if that, but seriously, who is going to answer yes to those questions).  I paid my money and was told to sit down next to the testing area.  I was kind of nervous because I’ve never had to take a test at a driver’s license facility.  In high school, if you had an A+ in the class you automatically received your license and did not have to test at the facility.  So I was due.  A few minutes went by and they call my number.  I’m escorted to the testing area, passed the testing area, started getting confused, turned a corner leading right into the photographer’s area.   Say what??!!  Unless they change the design of our state’s licenses you don’t have to have your picture taken.

***Note to self, check to see if a new picture is required before renewing your license, especially if you plan to go right after a root canal.***

The guy at the cameras was super nice and understanding.  He wasn’t sure if I’d like the way it looked.  From his description, I was imagining my face looking like the joker.  He asked the nearest gal, sitting in another area, for her opinion.  A younger girl mid-20’s.  She thought I looked just fine and said, let me quote, “who cares anyway, I don’t care how I look on my license, it doesn’t matter.”  I thought, alright let’s go for it.  How did it turn out?  Um, I look a little out of it but what’s done is done…who cares after all.  Right?

Then the guy calls for the next number…it was the same girl and here’s how it went down…

Guy: “Ok, have a seat.”

Girl: “Huh? For what?

Guy: “Um, your picture.”

Girl: “WHAT?!?!?!?! I have to get my picture taken???!!!! I wasn’t prepared for this at all.  Like, seriously?  I haven’t even done my hair, wait I have to put on some lip stick, OMG WHERE IS MY LIPSTICK!”

Guy:  Tries so hard not to laugh, bless his little heart!

At least I could bite my tongue and not feel it!!  :0)  Happy Friday!!


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