Today is one of the most important days of the year – Open Season!

I’m not talking about the movie either.  In Illinois, we welcome celebrities and hotshot hunters from all over the country, just to hunt in our timbers and fields.  In fact, when we travel to our hunting ground in Adams County you will usually see more out-of-state vehicles than our own.  The cost of guide services is crazy but when you have hunter’s like Michael Waddell and country music stars or major league baseball players, the cost of opportunity jumps higher than a deer. 

I’m can’t verify the country music stars name because it is hear-say however, after rubbing shoulders with Michael Waddell at last year’s NWTF State Banquet, I can confirmed that he has hunted and shot footage nearby.

Ok, so I'm not exactly rubbing shoulders...but hey, I can't help that I'm short!!!



Don't they look like a couple of old buddies catchin' up? As they chatted away a long line was forming for autographs. It looked my hubby was part of Waddell's caravan or something.

A native of Peoria, IL, Jim Thome, a major league baseball player, is rumored to also have hunted in the vicinity.  Other than shopping with him at a fantastic meat market while in Peoria, IL, I again cannot verify.   I was tongue tied and star struck at the time, I couldn’t think of anything to say.   My point being this is a huge area for the hotshots!


For our family it’s an exciting, 3-day vacation where our older two boys hang out in our “cabin in the sky,” while Daddy hunts out the window.  Or, at least that was the plan.  I had hoped to post this a LONG time ago however, my hubby called at a little after 7am, letting me know that shortly after eating a poptart, Willis had vomited twice out that “coveted” cabin window, once on his own pillow and once on daddy’s gun case.  Heehee!  I’m laughing with him, not at him…I promise!  Well, maybe not but don’t tell!

So I gathered myself up, skipping my usually routine of hair and putting on my face.  Pudder was still sleeping so I scooped him up and fastened him into the car seat and away we went.  Just before leaving the lane my hubby called again and said he had started this way.  Willis was having trouble standing, walking and had become somewhat disoriented.  Not good.

We sped towards one another, covering what would normally be at least a two hour drive.  In the meantime, Willis continued vomiting, so I called the doctor’s office looking for some sort of guidance on dehydration.  They advised providing him 2-3 tsp. of water every 5 min.  The nurse assured me that even though he may lose the water, a portion of it will be absorbed into his stomach, avoiding dehydration.  Although I’m sure this helps many patients, it made him vomit twice while at our meeting spot and then two more times after I picked him up.  I decided to stop the water and the vomiting finally stopped.  Once we arrived home he slept for a while, woke up and asked if he could call daddy and go to the cabin.  I took that as a good sign! :0)

If you are a hunter you are probably looking for a tally.  No, not a number of times Willis vomited but the deer hunting results.  As of 2:30pm they had harvested two does.  As my hubby’s phone went dead, I believe he was trying to tell me he harvested another but can’t be sure.  So for now I’ll go with

  • Hubby – 1
  • Brother-in-law (LB) – 1
  • Sister-in-law (I’ll have to think of a nickname for her)  – 0
  • Me – a big FAT zero…you have to be able to go out to get anything.  My tag is for our home county.  If Willis is better by Sunday I might try to get a sitter and go out.
  • My brother – ? I’m guessing zero, b/c he hasn’t called but I’m always the last to know.  I hate it when he does that!
  • Vomiting – 11 (thought I might as well throw it in)

I’ll try to post a final tally on Sunday evening.  Now time to start supper…I’m thinking “panpakes” as Willis’ calls them.  Not just any panpakes, The Pioneer Woman’s panpakes…heavenly!!  Especially with blueberries.

I’ll end by with a short conversation between Willis and daddy, just before they met up with us…

Daddy:   “I bet you’ll never want to go hunting with me again, huh, buddy?”

Willis:   “NO! I will NEVER eat another poptart again!”

Spoken like a true hunter!  I’m a proud mama!


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