Kids Say the Darndest Things!

I have numerous other topics I’d like to write about but this is still making me giggle so I have to share…

I was talking with my MIL about various things and she mentioned Willis was a little upset the last time he was there.  He shared the following with her:

“Granny, they’re [the school] are making us do things that they do in Pickle’s class and he’s in second grade.  You know Granny, I’m only in Pre-K, Pre-K!  I just can’t believe it.  **Huff** **SIGH** ”

He would not elaborate on the “things” which they are apparently were being forced to do.  Otherwise they’d be sure to hang the kids by their toe tails…she said he gave quite a performance.  Yesterday I decided I’d do a little fishin’ to see what these “things” might be.  He was hilarious and said “Yep, they’re making us do all kinds of things that Pickle has too *huff, huff, sigh*.”   So I asked if he could provide some examples.  “Nope, can’t reymemer.”

My MIL also shared this with her cousin who returned with a whopper.  It’s so funny I was crying.  At the beginning of this school year her cousin’s granddaughter entered the first grade.  One the first full-day of school, just before lunch, the little granddaughter got up from her desk, grabbed her backpack and proceeded towards the door.  The teacher asked where she was going and the little girl said “home.”   That had been her normal routine during half-day Kindergarten.  The teacher explained that in first grade you have to stay all day.  The little girl replied…

“What? WHO signed me up for this crap??”

The end.


One response

  1. so funny! i can see my third kid saying that!

    November 17, 2010 at 11:39 pm

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