Coyotes, Boys and Toilets!

What a title, huh?  These are my current pet peeves.  Let me elaborate…

This evening we arrived home from Cub Scouts to find a stray dog running around outside.  It was dark so we couldn’t tell who it might belong to or what it looked like.  My hubby quickly got our three dogs out for a potty break.  Nicki began to bark and the stray responded with its own dog-like bark.  A little later I let Nicki out again and staying in the front yard I felt she did real well.  About an hour later, I leaving to run an errand and she escaped, running right past me, around the house and into one of our fields.  We could hear barking from two dogs and at times could see movement.   Finally, she relented and ran back to the house.  This stray was becoming more and more of a mystery dog.

I made it half way down our lane when I realized I had forgotten my purse.  I went back and tried to exit again.  That was when I heard a coyote…coming from the back of the house.  Near the same area we had just retrieve Nicki.  So my hubby had me shine the truck lights back there but we didn’t see anything.  He thought I was hearing things.

Fast forward an hour or so…I’m returning home from my errand and decide to drive around to the back of the house just for the heck of it.  Then I saw movement.  It was a coyote making a run for it.  Then I realize, he was standing a little too near our pasture fencing.  The race was on.  I chased it into our neighbors soybean field, then we reached a corn field.  I wasn’t able to go quite as fast and he gained some freedom.  Serpentine! Serpentine! (Taken from the Cars movie…And, he really did serpentine!) Then he headed back into the soybean field and then to another corn field which had been chisel plowed.  That’s where I drew the line.  We were almost a mile from our property.  Then it turned and started coming towards me.  It seemed to have some audacity and lack of fear normally seen in coyotes.  We began our second cat and mouse chase.  This time he circled around and headed east away from our ground.  I had enough and turned back home.  The whole thing is so bizarre.  Normally, coyotes run like mad to get away from humans.  This little guy had some balls to stop and challenge me.  It makes me nervous that we had one so close to the pasture fence.  I hope to find some free time tomorrow where I’ll have an opportunity to check the fence for breaches.  I’ll keep you posted on any other coyote activity.  It’s just bizarro!

I mentioned in the title “Boys and Toilets.”  Is there anyone else out there with three boys?? Can I hear an Amen?  No, girl drama!!  At least that’s what parents of girls think.  I’d like to video tape our 5 year old during a tantrum and put it up on  Then you’ll see drama ladies! And, gents!  Back to the toilets.  I’m not sure what’s worse a childhood drama performance or four boys who can’t see to make all of their stream into the bowl.  I mean, come on!  How hard can it be?  I’m sick of sitting in someone else’s pee!  I’m on strike!  Give me a day or two and I’ll figure out a way to get back at them.  Besides the baptism of pee, what is the deal with the smell?!?!  Impossible. Just impossible.

Got any tips for keeping coyotes away or keeping a clean, fresh smelling toilet?  Please share…actually, I require you to share…do it now!

Have a great Friday!! It’s Friday, it’s Friday, it’s Friday!  Yippeee, Yahoooo!


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