iBlog Conference 2010

This past weekend I had the opportunity to meet some extraoridnary people and inspirational bloggers while attending the 2010 iBlog Conference.

Since this was my first blogging conference, I went in without expectations.  I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with the generosity of each speaker as they share tips and secrets to their success.  It was a wonderfully intimate atmosphere where I was blessed to meet or interact with almost every attendee.

The Hotel Pattee was amazing and a breath of fresh air.  The decor in each room was represented of a different theme.  I roomed with a good friend who is also a dairy mama.  It was as those they knew which room was most appropriate for us.  We stayed in the Quilt Room where quilts were everywhere and there was an emphasis on the dairy industry.   What’s more, the room reminded me of the room my mom and aunt shared as children.  We still stay in it from time to time.  This trip was the first trip in a long time that I did not end up being sick.  I have to credit that wonderful room with keeping my anxiety at bay.

The entire weekend was outstanding.  Most importantly, I’m confident that this experience will assist me in arriving to another “bucket list” goal of becoming a freelance writer.  In an effort to better market myself I will soon be moving to http://www.themagicfarmhouse.com where I will be able to promote myself and services.

I will keep you posted!


2 responses

  1. enjoyed meeting you at I_Blog!

    November 10, 2010 at 2:50 pm

    • It was nice meeting you too!! I learned so much! I will soon be moving over to strictly themagicfarmhouse.com. Check back when you can! Thanks!

      November 12, 2010 at 1:31 am

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