Tantilizing Venison Bacon Kaboblets

First, I apologize for the lap in posting.  Our internet data card had a little mishap, I just received the replacement – not related to last week’s storm damage.

If you read my post from last week called Got Meat?, you know that after 25 agonizing days, my hubby finally harvested his first deer of the season.  I was so relieved as we were running low on ground meat and a dry shoulder for him to cry on…LOL!  As a treat to our family (and now that I think about it, maybe an apology for being so grumpy over the course of those 25 long days) he made us a wonderful meal.

A couple of years ago, he began making these little wraps I call Kaboblets.  The first time he made the Kabolets for my mom’s birthday at which time he used duck.  He has since tried deer and beef.  I’m pretty partial to the deer but the duck was fantastic too!

This recipe is great because there really aren’t any rules or measurements…here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 Deer tenderloin (or your choice of meat – I’d like to try a goose breast next)
  • Box of toothpicks
  • Package of bacon, cut each strip into thirds.
  • Brown Sugar
  • A grill
  • Patience
  • An empty stomach…seriously, you won’t be able to stop eating these little treasures!
  • A grill heated to approximately 350 degrees.

Begin by cubing the tenderloin into your desired sizes.  Take each piece and smother in brown sugar.

Once they are wrapped, run to the grill!!

Smother the cubes into brown sugar, covering them generously!

Remember to slice your bacon in thirds, then wrap the cubes.

Then wrap each cube with a strip of bacon, secure with a toothpick.  Once you have finished wrapping and rolling all of your cubes head out to your grill.  If you do not have a grill a broiler works great in the oven.  Place the Kaboblets on the grill and close the top for 2-4 min.  Roll each Kaboblet 1/4 of the way.  Close grill for 2-4 min. and repeat until all sides have been evenly cooked and look similar to the photo below.

These babies are just about ready to come off the grill!!

In the meantime, my hubby started a side dish of potatoes and onions.  I’m not exactly for sure on the recipe but I couldn’t resist sharing this picture of him using his hunting headlight to check on the potatoes.  Silly rabbit!

Goofy boy!! That's why I love him so!

A lovely side dish of carmelized onions and potato slices...yummy!!

Enjoy these wonderful Venison Bacon Kaboblets!!


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