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There she blows!

On Monday night/Tuesday morning, I went to sleepy land knowing we were under a Tornado watch.  And, being a naughty girl, I disregarded my October resolution to be in bed by 10:30pm and instead hit the sack around 3am.  At some point I received a text message alerting us of a Severe Thunderstorm Warning.   I was so tired I couldn’t get my butt out of bed and go get my computer to see what was going on (we do not have local stations & The Weather Channel was no help at all).  The next thing I remember was that the entire upstairs of  The Magic Farmhouse was shaking like an earthquake.  I grabbed Pudder who was sleeping right next to me, started shouting at Willis to get out of the bed, took Pudder downstairs to Pickle who also already awake, ran back upstairs grabbed Willis and as I went passed the front door I heard it.

The most horrific sound.  I saw some of our trees blowing wildly. I really thought, “This is it.  This is what it’s like.  The house is going and we’re going with it.”  There was no time to get into the basement.  It lasted for what seemed like forever while we quickly grabbed some blankets and started to sit down in front of the basement door.  Just as we sat down, it was over.  The wind was still blowing but nothing like moments before.  We waited a few minutes, then we all headed back upstairs to mama and daddy’s bed.  Thoughts changed to “I over reacted, it wasn’t that bad, my hands really aren’t shaking, etc…”  The phone started ringing, it was ours neighbors checking to see if we made it through.  That’s when I knew it wasn’t just me.

One of the neighbors lost a large portion of their shed roof.  The other neighbor found it in the road.  I did not overreact…clearly something as strong as a tornado or straight-line winds had passed over our little cluster of homes.   Four of us sustained some damaged.  Luckily, our damage was small compared to two of our neighbors.  We are missing some shingles, a shutter, have damage to our garage from the camper being blown into it and other minor things.  The important part is that we are all safe and most things are repairable.  Here is a small collection of pics that I took….

Things like this just give me the creepies!

We never did find what went through this hole.

This is our neighbors shed. The roof was thrown all the way over in the other neighbor's yard, took out 3 trees and landed in the road.

This is part of the roof along side one of the trees.

Our camper was lifted and pushed 3 ft. into the side of our garage.

Our empty water tank that the goats play on was tossed halfway across the pasture.

Our neighbor girl is just distraught over the play set! Poor thing!

This is very minor but this was my apple bushel basket. It's been torn into shreds.

More pieces of the bushel basket.

Another part of the basket.

This experience is a reminder that we should not take Mother Nature for granted.  And, that making a disaster preparedness kit that will stay in our dirt floor basement should be added to my fall to-do list.

Too close for comfort!!

Have a great day!:)