Spooky Spider Cake…overcoming my fear of spiders?

All three of our boys have birthdays near one another.  This has it’s pros and cons.  Do you have two friend parties?  Two family parties?  Do you do it all together?  Separate?  Last year for Pickle & Willis’ we decided to have a joint family birthday party.  Willis had yet to establish a group of friends so that wasn’t an issue.  Pickle had a friend party and then shared a joint family party with Willis.  Since the birthdays are in the fall we decided to throw a Halloween themed party.

I love to pretend I can decorate cakes…I’m horrible.  My hubby has done an amazing Dinosaur cake and an outstanding John Deere tractor.  This time I wanted to give it another try.  One of the magazines I subscribe to is Disney’s Family Fun magazine.  They have great ideas!  When I received the Oct. issue I was immediately drawn to a white frosting cake with a black spider.

Ok, so spiders are one of those fears I’m attempting to conquer but the cake looked really cool.  The coolest part was the shiny sprinkles which are used to ‘draw’ the spider.  After our shopping trip to find these special sprinkles, we referred to the magazine which sent us to Family Fun’s website for a downloaded template of the spider.  Willis & I began by using a box cake mix to create the cake & allowed it to cool overnight.  Then frosted with white frosting, placed the template we printed from Family Fun and went to work as fast as possible before the frosting set up.

Willis helping make the Spooky Spider Cake

Although it was challenging to keep the sprinkles within the template Pickle & I had a great time decorating.  For a final touch we mixed Wilton’s black paste with some leftover frosting & lined the top and bottom edges with a Pampered Chef star applicator.

I’m still no where near the gourmet cake decorator I wish I could be but the final product wasn’t too shabby.  Don’t tell, but from time to time I sneak in a pat on the back to keep my confidence up.  And, who can deny the big step I took in decorating a cake with a SPIDER!?!  Which by the way are everywhere I turn.  Probably my least favorite part of fall.

If you get a chance, take a look at Family Fun’s website.  They offer so much!


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