We are aware…change it to October Breast Research Month!

I just finished reading a post on BlogHer by Susan Nieber.  (taken from BlogHer.com)Susan Niebur writes about the joy of life after cancer at http://toddlerplanet.wordpress.com and http://motherswithcancer.com, where twenty mothers with cancer share their stories every day. She also blogs about her work for NASA at http://womeninplanetaryscience.com”

(quote taken from BlogHer at http://www.blogher.com/together-we-can-fight-breast-cancer-our-actions-and-our-words)

In short, the post entitled ‘Join BlogHer and the Army of Women to Fight Breast Cancer,’ speaks common sense like a Pastor speaks the Bible, yet many of us, including myself, are unintentionally blind to something very important that we could be doing.   Participating in research!  As I’ve written before I’m constantly pondering life & death.

  • I’m only 34 but yet my sister-in-law who’s only a couple years older than I, lost her mom to breast cancer almost three years ago.
  • My other sister-in-law’s mom is currently fighting a horrible battle with Pancreatic cancer.  Sadly, they’ve take her off all chemo and radiation.  The tumor remains the same size after several weeks of both.
  • That same sister-in-law’s step-mom had thyroid cancer 2 years ago – I’m happy to say she is in remission.
  • One of my closest friends in college lost her mom to Ovarian cancer a year after my friend graduated…that was 12 yrs ago.
  • My mom’s cousin just passed away in June from a rare colon/stomach cancer – her kids are my age.

I’m getting a little off of the main road here but I want to make the point that my generation is losing so many of our loved ones at a young age due to cancer.

In Susan Nieber’s post, she points out that we could be doing much more than just wearing ribbons, walking, running & watching telethons (these are all very important that we all need to continue doing).  As she has asked me, part of her BlogHer community, I’m asking you to join the Avon/Love Army of Women fighting breast cancer by signing up for emails about future studies, and participating in easy, online studies or studies in your hometowns when they apply to you.  Then blog about your decision and help build this Love Army.

In addition to joining this effort, I also encourage you to look for other movements which pertain to cancer in general!!

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