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Thank you Crayola and Mystery Blog!!

In the beginning of August I entered into a contest for Crayola’s new crayons made with solar power & most importantly their markers made with recycled plastic.  I won!!  Here’s the kicker…The markers and crayons came directly from Crayola so I didn’t receive any additional information as to the blog name and I can’t remember whose blog it was on!  So thank you to whoever sponsored this give-a-away.

I’m impressed with Crayola’s participation in the environmental movement they have coined “Crayola Eco-Evolution (TM).”  I’m very pleased they are using solar power but I’m thrilled that they are using recycled plastic in their markers.  Why?  One of our neighbors (abt. 1/2 mi. away) is a friendly landfill.  I’m sure people think I’m crazy but I try to recycle EVERYTHING!  Of course, I have my days when I need to get the kitchen cleaned in a jiffy and I’m a little lazy.  When you live next to your garbage’s final resting place, your eyes open up a bit about this sort of thing.   I was recently talking to my hubby’s cousin who lives in a suburb of Chicago, IL.  I was pleasantly surprised that they just put all of their recyclable materials into a tub and then the city sorts it and takes it to companies who then melt the materials down and re-use them in new products.  Living in a rural area we aren’t privy to such luxuries.  So here are a couple of ways I ‘keep it clean’ and reduce what I put next door….

  • *Try* to take my reuseable bags when grocery shopping.
  • When I do forget my reuseable bags I gather up my plastic bags & take them to Walmart where they offer a recycling bin.
  • Clean & take the following items to our town’s recycling bin: yogurt cups, grape containers, plastic drink containers, aluminum cans.
  • Clean & place misc. plastic bags from produce, bread, bagels, etc…into my plastic bag collection.
  • Fold all cardboard boxes to be burned or put into compost (always clipping my BoxTops for school)
  • Collect glass & give it to my mom…our town doesn’t offer glass pick-up.  Actually I think the nearest place is at least 15 mi away.
  • Give the kitchen scraps like the yucky grapes, vines, banana peals, cantaloupe and watermelon rinds, strawberry leaves, egg shells, etc…to the chickens to eat…LOVE THEM!

Let me know if you have any other suggestions or ways I can improve upon my Magical Eco Campaign! :0)

Until next time my friends….