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With a Hotdog Roasting Stick, A Huntin’ I Will Go!

A few nights ago we had a break from the heat and humidity.  From our open windows, there was a lovely chorus of crickets, toads and a slight breeze moving the leaves on our maple tree.  Until we heard an awful screech.  “The Chickens!” I yelled.  With a capital ‘E,’ I immediately jumped out of bed to see what was the matter.  I ran down our 14 stairs out through the mudroom, put on my boots, grabbed the closet thing I could defend myself with – a hotdog roasting stick – went over the river and through the woods (not really), grabbed a flashlight and headed to the pasture.  The glow of the flashlight quickly caught 6-8 eyes peering at me from under the Mulberry trees.  RACCOONS!  Urgh!

By that time my hubby was stumbling out of the front door and watched as I used a hotdog roasting stick to scare and chase four raccoons away.  I’m sure I was a sight to be hold.  The worst part of it is that because they are out of season right now there’s nothing we can do until we feel our well being at risk.   Then you can contact a Conservation Officer who can trap and release them to another area.

Until then I’ll have to wait for opening day.  Watch out ’cause I’ll be counting down the days.  Pesky AND messy little things!!

ps Thankfully, the chickens were all fine.