The Law of the Pack – Our Cub Scouting Journey

Before embarking on a new activity, as a parent I ask myself, “What is my purpose or goal for enlisting our child in the activity?”  Last fall Cub Scouting

Pickle receiving his Tiger Cub badge during the cross-over ceremony to the Wolf den.

became an option for Pickle.  And we asked the question.  What do we want Pickle to gain from Cub Scouting?  Of course, we want all of our boys to be successful, caring individuals who have self-worth.  Over and above this we want them to have a trait neither my hubby or I feel we had…Confidence.

Did you know there have been numerous Presidents, CEO’s, Military commissioners, actors, athletes, etc… who began as Scouts?  Who doesn’t want their kid to be successful? Sign him up Scotty!

Our Cub Scouting experience started off on a rough step.  Our den leader had no clue what she was doing, lacked reliability, couldn’t connect with our kids and ultimately quit three weeks before our boys were to ‘cross-over’ to the Wolf den.   The parents all decided we would re-group and each take on a responsibility.  No problem we’ve got it covered.  We sat down to plan out what was left to do.   We had spent 6 months completing only 5 of the 15.  AHAHAH!  Chaos ensued.  How are we possibly going to complete 10 things in 3 wks when it took 6 months to do 5??  Our team stepped up to the plate.  It was a whirlwind but we had a blast and the kids got to do some pretty cool

Pickle on the green screen during TV station tour.

things…Help produce a commercial at a local TV station, then sat in on the evening news and then were surprised when they put us all on TV!  We took  all of the kids to my in-laws to fulfill a dairy/food activity, went on a hike and picked up trash.  Toured a police department, had their fingerprinting

Big brother can't have all the fun. Here is Willis attempting to get himself on the tv screen...cow boots, wranglers and all!

Cub Scouts learn how to lift fingerprints from the mock crime scene during our tour of the police station.

completed and solved a make-shift crime…that was SUPER cool!

While all of this was taking place three of us emerged as the Den leaders, including myself.  Then news came that our Pack leader was leaving the Pack since her youngest son was moving on to the Boy Scouts and she would be taking on responsibilities there.  Well, one of the three of our Den leaders decided to take on the job.  The other took on an Assistant Pack Leader position…and here I am.  I’m excited and ready for the task!

Update…We just completed Cub Scout Camp 2010.  Click here for ‘the rest of the story.’

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