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Does this cake have any peanuts?

We all were told time and time again to watch our pronunciation and to be sure and enunciate our sounds correctly.  I have learned that this is very important, especially when you have a child who tends to miss his ‘T’s’ and has a peanut allergy.

Why you ask? Let me tell you a little story.  We were recently at a birthday party for a cousin’s little boy.   The party was going great! The kids played, ate a little, started a water fight met some new friends and then came cake time.  Willis, our child with peanut, almond and pecan, allergies, got into line and things looked great!  My hubby’s cousin was serving the cake when Willis asked, “Does this cake have any peanuts in it?” I was SOOO proud to hear he asked on his own.  He’s only 4 after all.  And, then the cousin’s face showed shock and dismay.  As he looked around aimlessly he asked “You want what now?”  The problem you ask?  Willis innocently dropped his ‘T’ when saying the word ‘peanuts.’  Say it to yourself.  Yep, that’s right.  Fortunately, someone heard what was happening and jumped in to explain the peanut allergy.  Lesson learned…work on Willis’ ‘T’s’ over summer break.  The end.