Fresh Start

Like so many other moms I’ve been busy being a mom. I’m plum full of ideas and each day spend time thinking about things that I could put on my blog…then someone needs a drink, can’t find their baseball pants, a snack, help coloring or the baby has an unpleasant gift in his diaper. I quickly become a classic ‘She,’ a.k.a, Sidetracked Home Executive – checkout for a great definition.

My goal today was to allow myself 15 min. to complete a post on the blog. I’m calling it my ‘Fresh Start.’

I’ll sum up the last two months of no-posting…

  • At the end March we purchased 10 baby chics and 3 ducks – ducks are full grown and chics are nearly so
  • Pickle started baseball and hasn’t even played his first game due to rain.  Today will be the 4th rainout.
  • Willis has struggled with allergies, asthma and skin issues.
  • We put in another water pump near the pasture.
  • At age 4, Willis lost his first TWO teeth and made his first visit to the dentist.
  • Pudder began saying ‘big boy’ words
  • We caught the kids holding and then flinging the chics as high in the air as possible – they were ‘just helping them learn to fly mama!’ I’ll write a longer post on this subject.
  • Willis participated in a Lapbooking class and finished his first year of Pre-K.
  • We visited two zoos.
  • And, my babe started to work overtime for the first time in almost 3 years. Yay!
  • We had Field Day at school and Pickle placed third out of about 70 kids for the Fun Run.
  • We moved two heifers from the farm to our place to get them off grain.  ‘Terry’ and ‘Lona’ are two of the up and coming showgirls of our famous showstring.
  • Oh, and we planted part of our garden and I’ve expanded one of my flower gardens.

There I did it!!  Maybe not the most exciting post ever written but it’s done.

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